Business Intelligence

Real-time automated analysis of business processes

How does business intelligence change the organization?

Time has never cost so much

With Business Intelligence

Unified information for everyone in the organization
Winning time with automated work scheduling and billing
Instant response to critical changes

Without Business Intelligence

Growing information gap between managers and employees
Significant losses as a result of deficiencies not dealt with in time
Total or partial loss of control over the organization

Combine data into a single platform

Centralize data flows across the enterprise to discover new insights and automate processes. PRODIVI has created Prodivi BI Agent for clients, which allows you to stream data even from a wide range of software to the BI platform in real time.


Production planning

Simplify and automate your core business processes. Employees will have more time to deal with more important projects and tasks

Data management

In this era of technological advancement, when artificial intelligence, machine learning trends overwhelm the world's minds, optimizing business processes becomes a matter of course. Rapidly analyzing large amounts of data requires not only competencies but also considerable time.

Digital monitoring system

Reduce the information gap between employees by allowing everyone to monitor company processes. This solution, also known as Digital Signage, is run on dedicated wall-mounted monitors.

Power BI 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders

For the 14th time in a row, "Microsoft" is the leader in 2022. Third year "Microsoft" has had the most advanced analytics vision and is able to implement Power BI functions the fastest.


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